****NEWS FLASH****       AusBIG is now officially CLOSED - 2019


AIM of AusBIG 

Was to raise the awareness enabling safe, dignified and caring management of the population with obesity who have bariatric needs.

Director: Janet Hope (2003-2019)

RN, Grad Diploma Health Education, Cert IV Training & Assessment


In the past, people with obesity having bariatric needs  have suffered unnecessarily through the use of inefficient, unsuitable and "makeshift" transport and lifting equipment. In many cases there was no equipment at all.

Concerned about poor bariatric care, Janet sought advice from others through the Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations (ARCHI). All responses revealed that there was an alarming lack of experience, information and equipment in this area.

2002 - Janet began investigating how to educate, advise and support healthcare workers in the care for the person with obesity who has bariatric needs .

2003 - with Janet's acquired knowledge, the Victorian Bariatric Interest Group was established and quarterly meeting were held for the disseminating of bariatric information, sharing experiences through case studies and networking.

2005 - Janet was invited to speak on "Managing the Obese Patient" at the "Change Champions" Conference, Sydney. This conference helped to significantly increase interest as well as establishing a branch in Queensland -"QBIG"

2011 - with the growth VicBIG increasing to nearly 400 members, it was clear that expansion was necessary to include activities in divisions across Australia and New Zealand. With the number of bariatric presentations in healthcare increasing rapidly, the need for easy access to bariatric resources and education across all healthcare professions was high priority.

2012 - AusBIG was born. Incorporating all states, territories and New Zealand. Each state now has a page on this website to advertise all local activities.


VicBIG/AusBIG was consulted on many and varied aspects around the physical management of person with obesity who had bariatric needs such as the Victorian CPAV ambulances, the funeral association, fixed winged air ambulance, mostly related to the exchange of the person from one service to another and numerous others.


Education through AusBIG played a vital role in bariatric care and management as there was a very slow uptake of this field into health education across the board. 


AusBIG offered inhouse seminars tailored to your facilities needs and requirements.


The BIG-IDEAS Workshops ran from 2016 2018 and were an excellent way to act out and problem solve the very challenging care tasks.


Membership provided a forum for health care professionals to network for information and solutions, assisting them in improving the physical management of the population with obesity who had bariatric needs.

AusBIG members included:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Ergonomists
  • OHS Representatives
  • WorkSafe Victoria
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Aged Care
  • Community Health Providers
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Equipment Managers and Purchasers
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Funeral Directors
  • Healthcare Designers/Architects


AusBIG meetings provided a platform for guest speakers to present different aspects of the physical management of the person with obesity who had bariatric needs and all aspects of their care. These meetings invoked discussions and resolutions around the challenges associated with bariatric care.

AusBIG Conference 2015 in the NBN News

Australasian Bariatric Innovations Group (AusBIG)


info@ausbig.com.auPO Box 1701, Doncaster East, Victoria 3109