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3 February 2017

Welcome everyone to my very first blog entry. I have bariatric questions flowing in every week and I do try hard to find the answers by looking up resources, contacting companies and colleagues and thinking outside the box. Now you may well ask what have I done with the answers and solutions to these questions and I have to say, in many cases I have filed them. 

2017 has brought about a change through an update in the website, and so through this blog I will endeavour to keep the interested members more connected and informed.

So please don't hesitate to join in the discussions or feel free to just comment on my bariatric ramblings.

I love to share bariatric information that will keep our health professionals safe and the client/patient/resident comfortable, happy and willing to work with us during their care.

Each blog I will raise a topic around the questions which have been asked in the past and hope this will help others work through current challenges.





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