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Director Janet Hope, set up the Australasian Bariatric Innovations Group out of concern for poor care of the obese population with bariatric needs.

The group's aims are to raise awareness of the complexity of safe and dignified physical management of the person with  obesity who has bariatric needs.

AusBIG's objectives are to safely and effectively manage the obese person with bariatric needs by:

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  1. Raising the awareness of safe planning of the journey throughout the healthcare system for the person with obesity who has bariatric needs 
  2. Simplifying the process by which hospitals acquire suitable bariatric equipment
  3. Raising the awareness of the services available for transporting people with obesity having bariatric needs
  4. Promoting the development of suitable hospital facilities
  5. Asking AusBIG members for help in challenging situations through the on-line forum



Meetings for 2014

Each AusBIG division will hold meetings throughout the year.
Find out more about these meetings.

Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

AusBIG has expanded, now with a division in each state, territory and New Zealand.



Who Funds the Australian Bariatric Innovations Group?

Work and projects conducted by AusBIG are funded by donation and sponsorship.

AusBIG Membership

Membership is open to professionals involved in the many areas of care of the person with obesity who has bariatric needs.

When you join the Australian Bariatric Innovations Group you become a member of a community of professionals dedicated to improving the physical management and care of the person with obesity who has bariatric needs.

Membership is a small investment with big rewards.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive as a member of AusBIG:

Membership for Healthcare Professionals is FREE!

Next AusBIG Conference

3rd AusBIG Conference - 14-16 August 2017 - ParkRoyal, Parramatta NSW

Theme: A Bariatric View of Our Health Service - How Do We Measure Up?

Keynote speakers

Dr Nicolas Kormas

Associate Professor Richard Riley

We will take you on a journey through healthcare demostrating the challenges faced by the health professional and the person with obesity who has bariatric needs, from living in the community, a trip in the ambulance, through acute care, rehabilitation and being returned to home or aged care. We will also discuss the challenges in the event of death. We will showcase the improvements over the past 20 years.

Venue: ParkRoyal Parramatta

The 2nd AusBIG Conference was on the Gold Coast 

17-19th August 2015

Keynote speaker


This conference addressed the importance of management of the person with obesity who has bariatric needs in an acute or emergency situation across a variety of settinTs- accident & emergency/ community / maternity / operating theatre / ICU / acute / aged care and more.


The 1st AusBIG Conference was in Melbourne in 2014

The effective communication of bariatric information across the health services has been a longstanding challange and the conference addressed ways to improve this. 


Definition: Bariatric = the medical management of the obese | Origin: G. Baros, weight, + iatreia, medical treatment
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